Can't Get Along (Without You)

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"Can't Get Along (Without You)" is a single from indie band Hard-Fi, taken from their second album Once Upon a Time in the West. It was released on 4 November 2007. Richard Archer has said that he thought it to be one of his best songs and TV presenter Tim Lovejoy said that it was one of the best records he had ever heard. However, despite all this, the single only managed to reach #45 in the UK Singles Chart which made it their worst charting single to date until June 2011 where "Good For Nothing" peaked six places lower at 51. On the other hand, the single has had an unexpected success in Peru reaching #1 in its second and third week.

This R&B swagger is the oldest song on Once Upon a Time in the West and was actually originally written with Archer's original band Contempo. It was originally going to be featured on Stars of CCTV but Archer says it just did not feel right despite him believing it to be a great track capable of reaching #1. They re-recorded it for Once Upon a Time in the West and this time "it just felt right", according to Archer.

It has a very notable soul influence, Archer explains that Hard-Fi are big fans of soul music and that the genre runs through the "DNA" that makes up their music.

The single version is slightly different, it does not have the countdown at the beginning and explicit language is replaced with more appropriate words. It was mixed by Mark 'Spike' Stent.

"Soul music is in the DNA of Hard-Fi. We love all that 1960s soul. It’s got a beat you want to dance to and a melody you want to sing along to but it also says something that touches you emotionally. We’ve always wanted to write great songs that people can connect with and be positive and passionate rather than negative and cynical".

The song's story, as Archer explains,

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