Caetano Alexandre de Almeida e Albuquerque

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Caetano Alexandre de Almeida e Albuquerque (15 April 1824 – 8 September 1916) was a Portuguese colonial administrator and a military personnel.

He was governor of the islands of Cape Verde between 1869 and 1876,[1][2] During his tenure, he established the first police force on the island in 1872 known as Corpo de Polícia Civil, the Civil Police Corps, headquartered in Praia, it was once part the Portuguese Police (now the Public Security Police). In 1880, it became a police company which was part of the military. In 1962, it became the Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP), modeled after the Portuguese main up to Cape Verdean independence in 1975 where it became the POP, the Polícia de Ordem Pública (Public Order Police) and since November 2005, known as the Capeverdean National Police.

He later became governor-general of the province of Angola in 1878 ,[3][4] and later in the year he became the 99th governor-general of Portuguese India which he remained up to 1882.[5][6]

A monument is located in the city square of Praia near the city center, it was erected in 1926.[7] Also Praça Alexandre Albuquerque is named for him, the square today is also known as Praça 12 de Setembro.

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