Burabay National Park

Map showing the location of Burabay National Park
The Burabay National Park (Kazakh: «Бурабай» мемлекеттік ұлттық табиғи паркі) is a natural park located in the Burabay District, in Akmola Region, Kazakhstan.

The park is under the direct jurisdiction of the President of Kazakhstan.

In the protected area of the national park, economic and leisure activities are prohibitted, as the park is under regulation of nature reserves.

The first step towards the protection of this natural space has been the establishment of the State Forest in 1898. In 1920, Burabay has been nationalized and declared spa town of national importance. In 1935, the « National Nature Reserve of Burabay» has been organized. In 1951, the nature reserve was dissolved, and in place of it, the Burabay Forest has been established. The governmental motion N° 787 of May 6 of 1997 transformed the Forest of Burabay into the « Natural and Well-being Complex of the Forest of Burabay », managed by the State. In 2000, the motion N°1246 of August 12 created the « National nature park of Burabay », which includes a superficy of 83 511 ha, of which 47 600 ha of forests. In 2010, the superficy of the park has been expanded to 129 935 ha. In 2012, 370 ha have been converted in spare lands.

The average temperature in January is -16 °C, and +19 °C in July. Precipitation average is around 300 mm yearly. In winter, snow cover is around 25–35 cm thick, and lasts from mid-November to April.

The park counts 757 sorts of plants, of which 119 should be protected, and 12 are registered in the Red Book. The forest has 65% of pines, 31% of birches, 3% of aspens et 1% of shrubs. Many species of comestible mushrooms can be found.

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