Bristol and Exeter Railway 0-6-0 locomotives

The Bristol and Exeter Railway 0-6-0 locomotives include three different types of broad gauge and standard gauge 0-6-0 steam locomotives designed for working freight trains. On 1 January 1876 the Bristol and Exeter Railway was amalgamated with the Great Western Railway, after which the locomotives were given new numbers.

Twelve goods locomotives, similar to the GWR Pyracmon Class, built by the Stothert and Slaughter in 1849 and 1853. The last one was withdrawn in 1885.

Four locomotives built in 1856 by Stothert and Slaughter and two more in 1860 by Rothwell and Company. The last one survived until 1890.

These 0-6-0 locomotives were built by the Worcester Engine Company in 1867. Five of these six were converted to run on the broad gauge and then reconverted later to standard gauge.

Ten 0-6-0 locomotives built by Sharp Stewart and Company in 1875.

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