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The Briskeby Line (Norwegian: Briskebylinjen) is a line of the Oslo Tramway, Norway. It runs from Jernbanetorget westwards through the city center of Oslo before serving the neighborhoods of Briskeby and Uranienborg and terminating at Majorstuen. The section from Jernbanetorget and Inkognitogata is concurrent with the Skøyen Line, past which is serves the important transport hub Nationatheatret. This section is variously served by lines 12, 13 and 19. From Inkognitogata Line 19 runs alone through Riddervolds gate, Briskebyveien, Holtegata and Bogstadveien. Parts of the line through Bogstadveien is also served by Line 11.

When Kristiania Elektriske Sporvei opened the line on 3 March 1894, it was the first electric tramway in the Nordic Countries. Originally the line ran through Parkveien instead of Inkognitogata and was mostly single track. The line was doubled in 1898, when the tracks were moved to Inkognitogata. From 1912 the connection to the Ullevål Hageby Line was opened through Hegdehaugsveien. The line was taken over by Oslo Sporveier in 1924. For most of its history the Briskeby Line has been served by Line 1. The transit agency Ruter has proposed that parts of the route be realigned to run through Skovveien.

The Briskeby Line consists of a concurrent section with the Skøyen Line from Jernbanetorget to it leaves Henrik Ibsens gate at Inkognitogata. This segment is known as the Southern String. West-bound trams run along Fred. Olsens gate and Prinsens gate before reaching Stortingsgata. East-bound trams run from Stortingsgata along Nedre Vollgate, Tollbugata and Strandgata to Jernbanetorget. Along these sections there are three stations: Dronningens gate (east-bound only), Kongens gate (west-bound only) and Wessels plass (east-bound only). There is a connection to Stortorvet through Kirkegata (west-bound) and Kongens gate (east-bound). The Vika Line deviates from the Briskeby Line through Akersgata.

The concurrent section continued along Stortingsgata, where it passes Nationaltheatret. It then turns onto Henrik Ibsens gate (previously known as Drammensveien) and passes Slottsparken. The concurrent section ends at the intersection of Inkognitogata, where the Briskeby Line turns off and the Skøyen Line continues onwards to Solli.

The Briskeby Line continues along Inkognitogata, where there is an eponymous station. It turns onto Riddervolds gata, where there is a station at Riddervolds plass. The line crosses Skovveien onto Briskebyveien, which it follows past the station Briskeby. It then turns onto Holtegata, where it serves the station of Uranienborg. There is a branch through Professor Dahls gate which allows trams to reach the Ullevål Hageby Line.

The main line continues another block and turns onto Bogstadveien, where it meets up with the main lines from the Ullevål Hageby Line. Along this section it serves the stations of Rosenborg and Schultz' gate. The line continues along Valkyrie gata before turning onto Kirkeveien and reaching Majorstuen. At Majorstuen the line can return as a turning loop through Bogstadveien. It also intersects with the Frogner Line, which continues to run along Kirkeveien. Via Valkyriegata there is a branch to the Oslo Tramway Museum and the closed Majorstuen Depot.

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