Bosnian uprising (1831–32)

Ottoman victory, Suppression of the revolt

Husein Gradaščević Mujaga Zlatarević Hasan-aga Beširević Pećki

Ali-paša Fidahić

The Bosnian uprising (also known as Great Bosnian Uprising) was a revolt of Bosniak ayans (landlords) against the Ottoman Empire. The casus belli were reforms implemented by the Sultan to abolish the ayan system.

Despite winning several notable victories, the rebels were eventually defeated in a battle near Sarajevo in 1832. Internal discord contributed to the failure of the rebellion, because Gradaščević was not supported by much of the Herzegovinian nobility.

As a result, Ali-paša Rizvanbegović was named pasha of the Herzegovina Eyalet which was seceded in 1833. The Sultan implemented the new muselim system, abolishing the old ayan system. The new muselims were mostly old ayans, but in 1850 Omer Pasha completely eliminated old ayan families.

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