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This bibliography lists publications authored by the Italian malacologist and painter Carlo Pollonera (1849-1923). The article endeavours to be comprehensive, and includes all works listed in previous bibliographies of Pollonera. Zoological Record and AnimalBase have also been utilised. Works listed without an internet link have generally not been examined directly. Dates given here follow those printed on the individual issue wrappers (where these were available to inspect or where there were other reliable sources), which sometimes differ from those on the title page of the volume.

The last section considers some works to which Pollonera contributed without being an author; this part of the list is far more likely not to be comprehensive.

Pollonera is given as the authority of some species descriptions in the following two publications by Caziot. Although this implies that he wrote most of the description, according to the current ICZN code the authority should nevertheless be considered as Caziot alone.

Pollonera also sometimes drew the plates for the publications of colleagues. Listed below are two examples, but there are liable to be others.

Pollonera was a successful painter, so his paintings have appeared in various books and articles. The following are celebrations of this aspect of his work that include illustrations. The last of these (Picco, 1998) includes in his listing of 305 of Pollonera's paintings instances of where each work has been reproduced or exhibited.

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