Bhada is located in Maharashtra

Bhada is a village in Ausa Taluka, Latur district, Maharashtra, India. As of 2011, it has a population of 5,938.[1] The main occupation of the people is agriculture although there aren't any big rivers in the village.The farming is mostly rain fed and very few is under irrigation.

Bhada is located 12 km away from Ausa and 30 km from the district centre Latur.

Bhada was notable for cultivating guava fruits in earlier days. Nowadays some farmers cultivate banana, pomegranate, watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, and vegetables as a cash crops. Cotton (up to 100 ha), soybean, and tur are the major crop types of Bhada.

Facilities in Bhada include a police station, health center, ZP school, girls' school, and a veterinary hospital.

Shri Hari-Har (Vitthal-Rakhumai and Mahadev) temple and Hanuman temple are situated in Bhada. Shri Sadgurunath Prabhakar Swami Maharaj Temple Bhada is located in the nearby area. A Muslim mosque is also situated in Bhada.

All villagers celebrate Urs of "Satpeers" every year. Several shrines (dargahas) are located in the village as well, namely "Gulabhawali and Latibshawali", "Saidraja", "Kalepeer", "Jindawali" and "Dawalmalik". These dargahas have been landmarks on all agriculture documents since ancient times.

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