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Behenein (Hindi: बहनें Bahanēn) (meaning: "sisters") was an Indian television soap opera, broadcast on Star Plus channel every weekday at 6:00PM from 8 February 2010 to 29 April 2011. Initially the show has been telecasted in the prime time slot i.e. 8:30 pm and then after some time the series was moved to pre-prime slot i.e. 6 pm .Now the show is also being telecast on STAR Vijay dubbed in Tamil. The Series has re-aired on Star Utsav in the afternoon slot but it has been pulled down after it completes nearby 50-60 episodes .

This is the story of four sisters, Purva, Smriti, Aakashi and Anokhi who live in Baroda with their parents, Sevantilal and Revti Shastri. Purva is a free-spirited girl who is grounded in the values given to her by her parents.

Behenein debuted in February 2010.[1] As the Indian Premier League season began and threatened to draw viewers away, the producers revealed their intention to introduce several plot twists, such as the revelation of the kidnapper of Smriti's baby, in order to keep the audience interested.[2] Due to relatively good ratings, the channel planned to broadcast a four-hour recap in April, and is considering extending the show to one-hour episodes.It was the top 5 TRP shows of 2010-2011. It gained its highest TRP 6.1 and Lowest 0.9. The show was shot at Artisian and Nirman studio, vasai(a venture of Tribeni Group)

On the day of Purva Shastri's wedding, her parents room catches fire while they are inside and they die. Purva (Poornima in Tamil) and her sisters Smriti (Shruthi in Tamil), Akashi (Aarti in Tamil) and Anokhi (Aruna in Tamil) are heartbroken and therefore she decides to postpone her wedding. After this incident, their aunt, Neema Ben comes with her son to take care of them. In truth, she wants her brother's property all for herself and leave the sisters homeless. But in her brother's will, he says that the property will go to Neema after all the 4 sisters get married and sign the will. Smriti is already married to her college sweetheart, famous lawyer named Mihir Sanghvi (Mahesh in Tamil) and is pregnant with his child. The sisters conceal the fact that their parents are dead from Smriti and also pretend that Purva is now married, because they do not want to give Smriti a shock that could affect her pregnancy.

The sisters try their best to conceal the fact from Smriti, however their attempts go in vain as Smriti finds out everything during her Godh Baraai (Baby shower Ceremony) due to plan made by Neema ben. She gets an unpleasant shock and is taken to the hospital. Here she gives birth to a healthy baby boy without any problems. Smriti too is heartbroken but she consoles herself. Her child is named Prem. Just as Smriti starts to get over the shock, her in-laws conspire to send her out of the house as they never liked her, because her marriage with Mihir was against their will. They ill treat her and drive her insane by keeping Prem away from her and proving her to be an irresponsible mother. In the end, her evil mother-in-law, Kamini and sister-in-law Shalaka succeed and admit her to a mental hospital.

After Smriti's admittance to the mental hospital, there is no mother to look after Prem. Since Mihir is a busy man and cannot watch over his son all the time, Kamini and Shalaka suggest him to remarry. Mihir makes a tough choice and decides to remarry. Kamini brings a young physocology student named Mansi to the house. She is a polite girl and visits Smriti at the mental hospital. She suggests Smriti to go through some therapies to improve her mental condition. She also takes very good care of Prem. Charmed by Mansi's good manners and moral values, the families arrange for their marriage. Nevertheless, Purva finds out that Mansi and her family are actually after the Sanghvi family's property and have no intention to look after Prem. Therefore, Purva pretends to be Mansi on her wedding day by putting her wedding dress and a veil over her face after she, Akashi and Anokhi tie up the real Mansi. Under these circumstances, Purva gets married to Mihir, in order to take care of Prem. Just as all the wedding rituals are over, Mansi frees herself and goes to face Purva. Purva reveals Mansi's true intentions to the whole family and she and her mother are driven away from the Sanghvi house. Purva and Mihir accept each other and the Sanghvi family accepts her as their daughter-in-law. However, Shalaka dislikes Purva as she is Smriti's sister. Nevertheless, they patch up as Purva saves Shalaka from suicide after she had a hard day in college.

As the time progresses Purva and Mihir begin to develop close feelings for one another. Amar Patel, Purva's ex-fiance, becomes heartbroken upon realizing the circumstances and moves to another town. After some time, Smriti ends up dying in a bus accident, and Mihir and Purva take their relationship to a higher level. Anokhi stays at her father's mansion happily, but Neema Ben plots to ruin Anokhi's life. She hires Samir, Anoki's love interest whom she met at dancing classes, to seduce Anokhi and rape her, thus forcing him to marry her.

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