Ban Mueang

Ban Mueang (Thai: บานเมือง) was a king of Sukhothai, an ancient kingdom in Thailand. He was from the House of Phra Ruang.[4]

The name Ban Mueang (Thai: บานเมือง; IPA: ) means "one who delights the nation".[5]

In Thai, the name is usually misspelt as "บาลเมือง", which is pronounced the same and means "one who protects the nation".[4][5]

He is merely referred to as Ban (บาน) in the Pu Khun Chit Khun Chot Inscription (Inscription 45), created in 1935 BE (1392/93 CE).[6]

He was the second son of King Si Inthrathit of Sukhothai and his wife, Sueang.[7] He succeeded his father to the throne of Sukhothai in an unknown year and reigned until his death, which occurred around 1822 BE (1279/80 CE).[1]

The Ram Khamhaeng Inscription (Inscription 1), which was allegedly created in 1835 BE (1292/93 CE) and contains an autobiography of his younger brother, Ram Khamhaeng,[8] states:[9]

My father was named Si Inthrathit. My mother was named Lady Sueang. My elder brother was named Ban Mueang. There were five of us born from the same womb: three boys and two girls. My eldest brother died when he was still a child. In my father's lifetime, I served my father and I served my mother. When I caught any game or fish, I brought them to my father. When I picked any acid or sweet fruits that were delicious and good to eat, I brought them to my father. When I went hunting elephants and caught some, either by lasso or by driving them into a corral, I brought them to my father. When I raided a town or village and captured elephants, men and women, silver or gold, I turned them over to my father. When my father died, my elder brother was still alive. I served him steadfastly as I had served my father. When my elder brother died, I got the whole kingdom for myself.

Ban Mueang is also mentioned in the Pu Khun Chit Khun Chot Inscription which describes the lineage of the House of Phra Ruang.[6]

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