Baden, Lower Saxony

Baden is a town near Bremen, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is known to Africanists and Phoneticians as the place where Diedrich Hermann Westermann was born and died.

Baden is a borough of the town of Achim.

Baden is on the train line from Hanover to Verden to Bremen; all info about the station can be found here:

Baden's anniversary will be celebrated in 2013

Coordinates: 53°00′N 9°05′E / 53.000°N 9.083°E / 53.000; 9.083

The Badener Mountains are located in the town of Baden, Lower Saxony, which is a locality within Achim. The location is shaped by the Weser-Marsh to the west, and the collection of sand dunes of up to 40m high and the Badener-Moorland to the east. Until the 19th Century the area was only sparsely settled; the people lived by cultivating potatoes, breeding sheep, and working at the outlying factories in Bremen. Hans Höppner observed about 200 of the 250 types of bees in Germany in Badener Mountains from 1898 until 1900. Possibly, only 130 types live there today.

The Badener Oil Camp is a part of a bunker from the first World War. It was erected in 1917 by Jürgen Daybridge. It served as a shipping station for raw oil, heating oil, and fuel. It was put into 14 subterranean containers; the last containers have been scrapped, however. During the Weimar Republic, the oil camp was rented to an oil company. As part of the re-militarization of Germany in preparation for the second World War, the oil camp was built up and extended (to 36 containers). Although the camp got through the war intact, it was blown up by English occupying troops in 1956. The Area remained in military use, and was made into a military practice ground for the German Federal Armed Forces. The numerous combat practices and tank drives have had a grave impact on the vegetation. Other similar military practice grounds were developed in typically sandy, heath landscapes, for example on the Lüneburg Heath.

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