Bad Kösen

Weir of the Saale river and old water mill
Coat of arms of Bad Kösen
About this sound Bad Kösen  is a spa town on the Saale river in the small wine-growing region of Saale-Unstrut, Germany. It is a former municipality in the Burgenlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt. Bad Kösen has a population of around 5,300. Since 1 January 2010, it has been a Stadtteil (part) of the town of Naumburg.

Bad Kösen, and the nearby Rudelsburg castle with its memorials to the German Student Corps, is the location of the annual convention of the Kösener Senioren-Convents-Verband. In sight of the Rudelsburg is the ruin of the nearby Saaleck Castle.

Bad Kösen was the seat of the former Verwaltungsgemeinschaft ("municipal association") Bad Kösen.

Pforta is an Ortsteil of Bad Kösen.

Rudelsburg, c.1890

Map from 1914

Bismarck Memorial

Gate house of Pforta

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