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BBC Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: BBC Alba) is part of the "Nations and Regions" directorate of the British Broadcasting Corporation, and is the publicly funded broadcaster for Scotland.

BBC Scotland has its headquarters in Glasgow and in 2017 employs approximately 1,250 staff to produce 15,000 hours of television and radio programming per year.

BBC Scotland currently transmits three TV channels (BBC One Scotland, BBC Two Scotland, BBC Alba) and two radio stations (BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio nan Gàidheal.).

Another television channel is planned for 2018 in response to a long-standing demand in Scotland for a Six O'Clock News bulletin that combines International, UK and Scottish News - the so-called Scottish Six.

Some £320 million of licence fee revenue is raised in Scotland, with expenditure on purely local content set to stand at £86 million by 2016-17. The remainder of licence fee revenue raised in the country is spent on networked programmes shown throughout the UK.

BBC Scotland's TV channels compete with the ITV networks, STV (covering central and northern Scotland) and ITV Border (covering south Scotland) for regional programming and services. Channel 4 and Channel 5 do not have opt outs - only advertising aimed at each region.

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