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Attapeu is located in Laos
Attapeu (Lao: ອັດຕະປື), also written as Attopu or Attapu, is the capital of Attapeu Province, Laos. It is the southernmost among provincial capitals in Laos opposite Phongsali in the north.

Attapeu International Airport is located about 28 kilometres (17 mi) from Attapeu. The airport opened in May 2015 but did not receive flights until April 2016, when Lao Airlines introduced flights from Vientiane via Pakse. However, the airline withdrew from the market in October 2016 because of low passenger demand. TTR Weekly attributed the airport's condition to the lack of nearby tourist attractions, even though commercial activity has risen due to Attapeu Province's proximity to Vietnam.

Coordinates: 14°48′N 106°50′E / 14.800°N 106.833°E / 14.800; 106.833

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