At Turbah

At Turbah alternatively Turbat Dhubhan is a town on the coast of the Red Sea in Taiz Governorate, Yemen. It lies about 75 km from Taiz and is about 1,800 metres above sea level. Its population in 2004 was 10,505.

The name Turbah in Semitic means ancient cemetery in reference to the bones of the ancestors mixing with the soil, various places are named Turbah or Al Turbah, Turbat Dhubhan became known as Al-Turbah after its urbanization as a regional capital during the Ottoman era.

The Sabaean King Karib'il Watar sacked Dhubhan in his 7th century BC campaigns.

Dhubhan, Dimloa, Yumain & Munif were listed among the citadels surrendered by the Zurayids to the Ayyubids in 1193

Coordinates: 13°12′46″N 44°07′27″E / 13.21278°N 44.12417°E / 13.21278; 44.12417

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