Associazione Nazionale della Pastorizia

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The Associazione Nazionale della Pastorizia, or roughly "national association of pastoralists", is the Italian national body responsible for the administration of sheep- and goat-breeding. It maintains the herd books for more than a hundred indigenous breeds of sheep and goats. It records breed numbers and submits them twice yearly to DAD-IS, and keeps records for all breeders of sheep and goats in the country.[1]

The association maintains genealogical herdbooks for seventeen principal breeds of sheep, of which eight – the Altamurana, Comisana, Delle Langhe, Leccese, Massese, Pinzirita, Sarda and Valle del Belice – are milk breeds, and nine – the Appenninica, Barbaresca, Bergamasca, Biellese, Fabrianese, Gentile di Puglia, Laticauda, Merinizzata Italiana and Sopravissana - are meat breeds.[1] It also maintains genealogical herd books for the eight principal goat breeds, the Camosciata delle Alpi or Chamois Coloured Goat, the Garganica, Girgentana, Jonica, Maltese, Orobica, Rossa Mediterranea, Saanen and Sarda. A less stringent herd book is kept for forty-six indigenous sheep breeds and forty-three goat breeds of limited distribution.[2][a]

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