Asadabad District

Asadabad district is one of 15 districts in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. It includes the city of Asadabad - the district center, close the Kunar River. It is situated in the central part of the province. It has 12 big and small villages, which are surrounded by mountains so there is not enough land for farming.

Before June 2004, Asadabad District bordered Dara-I-Pech District and Nuristan Province to the west, Bar Kunar, Dangam, Marawara and Sirkanay districts to the east and Narang wa Badil district to the south.

As of the 2004 Afghanistan administrative reorganization, Wata Pur District was spun off from Asadabad District, all of northeastern Asadabad District went to Dangam District and a small piece of eastern Narang District became western Asadabad District. The result was that Asadabad District borders on:

The population of the district was reported in 2002 as 52,472, all of which are ethnic Pashtuns.

By the end of the Soviet war in Afghanistan in 1989, half the houses in the district had been destroyed and nearly half the population was living as refugees in Pakistan.

The district has serious issues with flooding, which destroys large amounts of agricultural land.

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