Arthur Loomis

Arthur Loomis (January 28, 1859 – January 8, 1935) was an architect who worked from 1876 through the 1920s in Louisville, Kentucky area. Clarke & Loomis is one of the architectural firms in which he worked.

Loomis was born January 28, 1859 in Westfield, Massachusetts to Dr. John Loomis and Clarissa Loomis née Robinson. Just before the American Civil War, Dr. John Loomis moved with his family to Jeffersonville, Indiana, where they stayed until about 1910, when they moved to Louisville.

Loomis designed the Carnegie Library in Warder Park, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, from which he was a native. He also designed the Conrad-Caldwell House, a contributing property in the St. James-Belgravia Historic District in Old Louisville.

A number of buildings that Loomis or the firm designed survive and are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. These include:

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