Macro-Gunwinyguan languages


The Macro-Gunwinyguan languages, also called Arnhem or Gunwinyguan, are a family of Australian Aboriginal languages spoken across eastern Arnhem Land in northern Australia. Their relationship has been demonstrated through shared morphology in their verbal inflections.

Many of the languages have a fortis–lenis contrast in plosive consonants. Lenis/short plosives have weak contact and intermittent voicing, while fortis/long plosives have full closure, a more powerful release burst, and no voicing.

Rebecca Green (2004) reconstructed the paradigms of 28 Proto-Arnhem verbs.[6] The languages included by Green are as follows, though Green only accepts Manningrida as a demonstrated branch:[7]

This is close to what Evans (1997) proposed under the name Gunwinyguan (cf. his very different proposal of Arnhem Land languages.)

Marra, Warndarrang, Alawa, and Mangarrayi have been argued to constitute a Marran family of considerable time depth (Sharpe 2008).[8][9]

Heath (1990)[10] demonstrated an East Arnhem family of Ngandi + Nunggubuyu; Enindhilyagwa was added later.

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