Amis House (Rogersville, Tennessee)

Amis House (Rogersville, Tennessee) is located in Tennessee
Amis House is a pioneer settlement in Hawkins County, Tennessee near Rogersville, built in 1780–2 by Thomas Amis, the father-in-law of Rogersville founder Joseph Rogers.

In addition to his stone house, which also served as an inn for travelers, Amis established a tavern, general store, distillery, saw mill, and grist mill. The property was surrounded by a palisade for protection from possible attack by Native Americans.

The Amis House property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Ownership of Amis House has remained in the Amis family. Current owners are Jake and Wendy Jacobs; Wendy is a descendant of Thomas Amis. Tours of the home and grounds are offered.

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