American Revolutionary War

Wappen-HK (1736-1804).svg
Allied victory:

Thirteen Colonies
(before 1776)
United States
(after 1776)
Vermont Republic
Kingdom of France French Empire
Spain Spanish Empire


Dutch Republic Dutch Republic

Kingdom of Great Britain British Empire

German mercenaries:
Wappen-HK (1736-1804).svg Hesse-Kassel
Wappen-HK (1736-1804).svg Hesse-Hanau
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Fürstentum Waldeck und Pyrmont.png Waldeck
Brunswick-Lüneburg Arms.svg Brunswick
Wappen Brandenburg-Ansbach.svg Ansbach
Blason Principauté d'Anhalt-Zerbst (XVIIIe siècle).svg Anhalt-Zerbst

United States George Washington
Thomas Chittenden
Kingdom of France Louis XVI
Spain Charles III

Dutch Republic William V
Kingdom of Mysore Hyder Ali
Kingdom of Mysore Tipu Sultan

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