All My Ex's Live in Texas

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"All My Ex's Live In Texas" is a song written by Sanger D. Shafer and Linda J. Shafer, and recorded by American country singer George Strait. It was released in April 1987 as the second single from Strait's album Ocean Front Property. "All My Ex's Live In Texas" was nominated for Best Male Country Vocal Performance at the 1988 Grammy Awards.

A version of the song recorded by its co-author Sanger D. Shafer appeared in the film Road House, the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[2] and TV show Ash vs Evil Dead. Rapper Drake mentions the song in his single "HYFR".

The format of the song is that of a list song.

The narrator declares that all four of his ex-partners live in various towns in the state of Texas (e.g. "sweet Eileen in Abilene"), and that is why he lives in Tennessee. The song is known for its Western Swing style rhythm.

Kevin John Coyne of Country Universe gave the song a B+ grade, saying that "you can almost hear the guy smirking as he sings this swinging hit, running down a list of jilted lovers from all over the Lone Star state."[3]

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