All Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation

The All Britain Anti Poll Tax Federation, commonly known as "the Fed", was an organisation in Great Britain to co-ordinate the activities of local Anti-Poll Tax Unions (APTUs) campaigning against the Poll tax (officially the "Community Charge") brought in by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government in 1989 (Scotland) and 1990 (England and Wales).

The BBC technicians' union, Broadcasting and Entertainment Trades Alliance (Beta) affiliated to the Fed, unlike many other trade unions.

In November 1989 the All Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation was set up largely by the Militant tendency as a national body which included many Anti-Poll Tax Unions.

Prior to the first conference of the Fed, a steering committee was organised by 20 regional anti-poll tax federations, with Tommy Sheridan as chair and had gained the support of 15 Labour MPs.

The first conference was held at Manchester Free Trade Hall on 25 November 1989, attracting around 2000 delegates. It elected a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer as well as a wider steering committee. Fraternal greetings were given by Douggie Daniels from the Manchester Confederation of Engineering Unions, Ken Strath deputy leader of Manchester City Council and a representative from the ambulance workers.

The Scottish Fed had been established a year earlier.

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