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Alenia Aeronautica was an Italian aerospace company. Its subsidiaries included Alenia Aermacchi and Alenia Aeronavali. Alenia Aeronautica owns ATR, a joint venture with EADS. In January 2012, the company was reorganized as Alenia Aermacchi.

Alenia Aeronautica was created in 1990 by concentrating the Finmeccanica aerospace and defense industries Aeritalia and Selenia. Alenia was immediately associated with Eurofighter and other advanced programs. The present Alenia Aeronautica was incorporated in 2002, when Finmeccanica spun off its divisions as independent companies. Finmeccanica has now changed its social status to Leonardo

Alenia's C-27J was selected by the US Defense Department as its Joint Cargo Aircraft, and the C-27J team was awarded a contract worth US$2.04 billion for 78 C-27Js in June 2007.

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