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Aktiv Skøyteklubb ("Active Skating Club"), formerly Arbeidernes Skøyteklubb (Workers' Skating Club") is a Norwegian speed skating club from Oslo.

The club was founded as Arbeidernes Cykleklubb in 1924, and adopted Arbeidernes Skøyteklubb in 1927. It was a member of the Workers' Sports Federation. After the discontinuation of the Workers' Sports Federation, it retained its worker name until 1978. It then went by ASK; from 2001 Aktiv Skøyteklubb. Its home track is Valle Hovin, formerly Jordal stadion.

Well-known speed skaters include Knut Johannesen, Per Willy Guttormsen, Sigrid Sundby Dybedahl, Ivar Eriksen, Kai Arne Engelstad, Bjørn Nyland, Frode Rønning, Geir Karlstad and Petter Andersen.

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