Akole is a city and Taluka in Akole tehsil, Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Akole is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains of Western Ghats, India. Several historical sites in the city honor Akole's connection to the history and culture of Maharashtra.

Despite not being that popular, the region does get some tourist activity. The following are some tourist interests and local points of interest.

Agasti Rishi Ashram is situated on the banks of the Pravara River. Mentioned in the Ramayana, it is believed that Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita visited Sage Agastya here, where the Rishi then offered Lord Ram a miraculous arrow which he later used to kill Ravan.

Amruteshwar Temple is located at the entrance of the Ratanwadi village. It is considered to be over 1,200 years old and is dedicated to Lord Shiva as the main deity. The temple itself has been constructed in the Hemadpanthi architectural style, featuring beautiful rock carvings on the main shrine.

Sri Gajanan Maharaj Mandir is devoted to a 19th-century saint from Shegaon.

The Jagdamba Temple is situated at Tahakari village. Another Hemadpanthi temple, Jagdamba features a sculpture of the deity Apsaras. Similar in style to the Khajuraho temples, the main deity of Jagadmba is made of wood. It is one of the most famous temples in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The Temple is situated on the bank of river Aadhala. The festival of Jagdamba Mata is organized by local people and takes place two times a year: first as the Chaitra Pournima two-day Yatra festival and involves many people from nearby villages and districts who travel to Darshan of Jagdamba; second as the Navratri 9-night festival of Jagdamba Mata to focus on the continuous worship of Goddess Jagdamba. Detailed information about Jagdamba Temple Tahakari can be found at the website www.jagdambatahakari.com.

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