AURA Music and Arts Festival

AURA Music and Arts Festival is an annual three-day, music-driven festival, featuring jam, funk, rock, jazz, and livetronica performances, as well as musical workshops, activities, and other programs. Produced by AURA Music Group, LLC, AURA Music and Arts Festival has produced six festivals since 2010. The festival now takes place at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL.

Since its inception in 2010, AURA Music and Arts Festival has stayed true to its mission of showcasing the best regional and national touring bands in the underground jam community and live-electronic scene, building an event that brings fans together for a magical weekend of music, family and good times! Treating festivalgoers to a variety of musical styles ranging from rock, funk and jazz to roots reggae, jam-tronica and deep house, the vibe at AURA is unlike any other festival, creating a community of music, arts, culture and togetherness.

AURA Music and Arts Festival is also known for its extensive Yoga & Healing Arts program, which is curated by a team of local Florida based experts. The program is well known in the community featuring multiple classes and workshops each day including: Shake your Asana, It Takes Two Thai Massage and Acro Yoga, Siesta Savasana, Chakra Balancing, Didgeridoo Healing, Group Chant and Sacred Space Creation.

AURA Music and Arts Festival was established in 2010 by Florida-based AURA Music Group, LLC. This business was started by Daryl Wolff (Executive Producer), Carlos "CJ" Rodrigues (Operations), Craig Heneveld (Operations) and Bianca Garza (Vending Coordinator). Wolff, Rodrigues and Heneveld had a history of producing shows in Florida together before coming together to form the first annual festival. In 2011, Cameron Troy Ferguson (Operations Director) came on board the already existing team. Currently, AURA Music Group, LLC is owned and managed by Wolff and Ferguson.

AURA started in January 2010 in Brooksville, FL at the Sertoma Youth Ranch. With a small expected attendance, the staff was overly surprised when almost 1000 patrons showed up for the inaugural event. It quickly became apparent that the venue could not hold the growth of the show, so Wolff started a search for larger properties, and stumbled upon the Forever Florida property in St. Cloud, FL. With over 4000 acres, the property was happy to welcome the festival and its growth (Wolff found the property using Google Earth).

The festival was produced for its 2nd and 3rd years in St. Cloud, but in 4th year was moved to its current home, the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.

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