5th Foreign Infantry Regiment

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Le plus chic, le plus beau, le plus chouette (Fr)

Le front haut et l'âme fière (Fr)

The 5th Foreign Infantry Regiment (abbr. 5e REI, French: 5e Régiment Étranger d'Infanterie), surnamed Régiment du Tonkin, was a regiment of the French Foreign Legion created under the Third Republic, and dissolved in 2000. The history of this regiment is marked by the participation to World War II and the conflicts of the Indochina and Algeria.

Garrisons : Viétri, Tong, Dap Cao, Phu Lang Thuong, Yen Bay, Ha Giang, Lạng Sơn, Cao Bang, Tien Kien…

The imputable troubles to the consecutive decrease of effective during World War I underlined the necessity of reinforcing the troops in Tonkin. Four battalions of the French Foreign Legion were routed to the Far East and formed the 5th Foreign Infantry Regiment.

Heir to the units of the Legion that fought in Tonkin since 1883, the regiment was created on July 17, 1930, and was put into effect on September 1, 1930.

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