2014 Web.com Tour

The 2014 Web.com Tour was the 25th season of the top developmental tour for the U.S. PGA Tour in men's golf, and the third under the current sponsored name of Web.com Tour. It ran from February 13 to September 21. The season consisted of 25 official money golf tournaments; six of which will be played outside of the United States. Carlos Ortiz won three times to earn promotion to the PGA Tour and was voted Web.com Tour Player of the Year.

The table below shows the Web.com Tour's 2014 schedule, which included three new tournaments. The numbers in parentheses after winners' names show the player's total number of wins on the Web.com Tour including that event. No one accumulates many wins on the Web.com Tour because success at this level soon leads to promotion to the PGA Tour. Any player who wins three Web.com Tour events in a season will automatically earn their PGA Tour card immediately.

The table shows the final top 10 money winners for the 2014 Web.com Tour season. For the list of the top 50 golfers, given PGA Tour memberships for the 2014–15 season, see 2014 Web.com Tour Finals graduates.

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