2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards

The 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards took place on November 30, 2012, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. The ceremony was the third consecutive Mnet Asian Music Awards to occur outside of South Korea. It was reported by international news agencies such as Agence France-Presse, ITN, and was also broadcast in 85 countries around the world.

Leading the nominees was Psy with 6 nominations. By the end of the ceremony, Psy won the most wins with 4 wins, followed by boybands Big Bang and Busker Busker with 2 wins each, excluding the special awards.

The event marked the fourteenth of the annual music awards. Using its slogan "Music Makes One" for the second consecutive time, MAMA was broadcast live in China, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia through various channels, as well as in the USA and Canada.

During the Red Carpet, artists B.A.P, Davichi, Mike Izon and Block B performed their songs "No Mercy", "Crash", "I'll Think of You", "Don't Say Goodbye", "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Nillili Mambo" respectively. International artists were seen with their greetings on screen during the main event including Dr. Dre and Jackie Chan

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.

The following artist(s) received two or more wins (excluding the special awards):

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