2009–10 UEFA Women's Champions League

The UEFA Women's Champions League 2009–10 was the first edition of the newly branded tournament, and the ninth edition of a UEFA tournament for women's champion football clubs.

For the first time the top 8 leagues of the UEFA were awarded two entry places in this year's season. Germany even got 3 entries, as FCR 2001 Duisburg finished outside the top 2 in Germany's league but gained entry as the title holder.

The draw was made on 24 June 2009. Teams in bold hosted a mini-league. The winners of each group qualified for the next round.

Matches were played at City Stadium, Šiauliai and at the Aukštaitija Stadium, Panevėžys.

Matches were played at Mladost Stadium, Strumica and Kukuš Stadium, Turnovo.

Matches were played at Brøndby IF's bane 2 and Brøndby Stadium.

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