1996 Thomas & Uber Cup

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The 1996 Thomas & Uber Cup was the 19th tournament of the Thomas Cup, and the 16th tournament of the Uber Cup, which are the major international team competitions in world badminton.

The 1996 Thomas Cup press conference was held in Bank Rakyat Indonesia's building in Sentra BRI complex in Sudirman, Central Jakarta. The press conference is led by Putera Sampoerna, the chairman of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk, manufacturer of A Mild, the 5th Indonesian largest cigarette brand. A Mild also as the main sponsor of the 1996 TUC.

The opening and closing ceremony of the 1996 TUC also led by Putera Sampoerna, because A Mild was the main sponsor of the 1996 TUC.

Indonesia's Thomas & Uber Cup Squads unite the title champion in Thomas Cup (tenth title) and Uber Cup (third title).

56 teams took part in the competition, and eight teams qualified for the Final Stage, including Indonesia, as defending champion, and Hong Kong, as host team.

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