160th Signal Brigade (United States)

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World War II, Vietnam, Operation Enduring Freedom

The 160th Signal Brigade is a communications formation of the United States Army, currently based at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. It traces its history back to the end of the Second World War.

The 160th Strategic Signal Brigade is formally tasked to 'provide the United States Army Central Command and Third United States Army with enterprise communications capabilities necessary to accomplish missions throughout the Southwest Asia and the United States Central Command area of responsibility.'

The history of the Headquarters 160th Signal Brigade dates back to World War II. On 6 March 1945, the 3160th Signal Services Battalion was activated in France, under the 12th Army Group. The unit's mission was to provide radio and wire communications, and messenger service. For its participation in the Europe and Rhineland campaigns, the unit was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation with Battle Streamer. The 3160th Signal Services Battalion was deactivated in Germany on 20 June 1947.

On 3 December 1954, the 3160th Signal Services Battalion was re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 160th Signal Group. Allotted to the Regular Army, the unit was reactivated in Germany on 28 January 1955, with the mission of providing fixed station communications throughout Germany. It was subsequently deactivated on 1 October 1961.

On 25 March 1963, the 160th Signal Group was reactivated again and assigned to the 13th Support Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas. Destined for the Vietnam War, the 160th Signal Group arrived in Vietnam on 20 April 1967, and provided headquarters support in the Saigon and Long Binh area. The 160th Signal Group also provided cable construction, photographic, and communications security logistics support throughout the country. The unit received eight Battle Streamers for its participation in 14 campaigns including Counteroffensive, Phases II through VII, the Tet Counteroffensive, Consolidation and the Cease-fire. The 160th Signal Group returned to the United States, where it was deactivated on 3 June 1972 at Oakland, California.

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