12–13th & Locust station

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12–13th & Locust is a PATCO Lindenwold Line subway station in Philadelphia. The station is connected by an underground walkway to the Walnut-Locust Station of SEPTA's Broad Street Line, the 15–16th & Locust PATCO station, and City Hall. It is located in the heart of the Gayborhood section of Washington Square West, Center City, Philadelphia.

The 12–13th & Locust station features a direct underground connection to the Walnut-Locust Station on SEPTA's Broad Street Line and thus the rest of the Center City commuter concourse tunnel system. Above ground, the station offers connections to SEPTA's 12 and 23 buses.

Station entrance, with access to entire complex

12-13 & Locust station 2017

Tile work at the station

Entrance from the northwest corner of Walnut Avenue and South Broad Street.

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