Saavira Kambada Basadi

Sāvira Kambada Basadi
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Saavira Kambada Temple (Kannada: ಸಾವಿರ ಕಂಬದ ಬಸದಿ Sāvira Kambada Basadi) or Tribhuvana Tilaka Cūḍāmaṇi (Sanskrit: त्रिभुवन तिलक चूडामणि), is a basadi (ಬಸದಿ) or Jain temple noted for its 1000 pillars in Moodabidri, Karnataka, India. The temple is also known as "Chandranatha Temple" since it honors the tirthankara Chandraprabha, whose eight-foot idol is worshipped in the shrine.

The town of Moodabidri is noted for its eighteen Jain temples but Saavira Kambada Temple is considered the finest among them.

The Basadi was built by the local chieftain, Devaraya Wodeyar in 1430 with additions made in 1962. The shrine has a 60 feet tall monolith manasthambha (erected by Karkala Bhairava Queen Nagala Devi).

Moodabidri is noted for its 18 Jains Temples-

Guru basadi is the earliest of the Jain monuments. A stone idol of Parshwanatha, about 3.5 metres tall, is installed in the sanctum of this basadi. Here the rare Jain palm leaf manuscripts of 12th century A.D. known as ‘Dhavala texts’ are preserved. This basadi was stolen on 6 July 2013 where the 15 golden idols were stolen.

There is a matha at Moodabidri responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of temples in Moodabidri. It is known as the Jain Varanasi of the South.

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