Ådalsbruk Station
Ådalsbruk is located in Norway
Ådalsbruk is a village in the municipality of Løten, Norway. Its population is 595.[1]

It was an old industrial site, the name taken from the iron works Aadals Brug Jernstøberi og Mek. Værksted, which existed from 1842 to 1928. The paper mill Klevfos Cellulose- og Papirfabrik existed from 1888 to 1976, but is today a museum.[2]

The village formerly had its own station, Ådalsbruk Station, on the Røros Line.[3]

Edvard Munch, the painter, was born in Ådalsbruk in 1863.

Coordinates: 60°47′N 11°18′E / 60.783°N 11.300°E / 60.783; 11.300

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